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I guess it’s time to move on, right? But you should have your Beat Sheet and we’ll use that throughout.

Look through your Beat Sheet and write down the 4 most important scenes. Rewrite these scenes. That means, totally forget what was on the first draft, and rewrite the scene on a clean piece of paper. Write lots of info, lots of detail, lots of dialogue, lots of everything, give us background, give us timing, and be conscience. If you don’t like your rewrite, go ahead and finish it, then start over. Start over and add more suspense, start over and add humor, start over and make the scene totally dependent on dialogue, or start over and take out all but the essential dialogue. Keep rewriting until you think you have enough material to piece together a worthy scene, but don’t do the piecing yet, just rewriting.

If you never have, try writing long hand and see what happens.

This is a lame post, but it’s what I call the next step, and I’ve put it off too long.


-Electric Bubbles

P.S. Also, I accidentally published the post before it was finished, so sorry for the email you got if you follow me.

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