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Prayer Challenge in August

Camp NaNoWriMo happens in both June and August this year, but in August, instead of writing a novel, I’m going to write out prayer.

I pray on paper, it helps me concentrate and just kind of helps when I write everything down. So in August, I am going to pray for one hour every morning, on paper. I don’t mean to be legalistic with this, but to establish a habit of praying for a long time before my day starts, and to pray about every little thing that I say I’ll pray for but never get around to.

So I’m going to ask you to join me, to pray for one hour every morning in August. Or every night. Just one hour of the day, devote to prayer. I am also taking prayer requests. (See the last page at the top)

So that’s what’s happening! I want to be the prayer warrior that I most certainly am not right now. Give me your ideas and thoughts, and now that I’ve told y’all about it, I can’t back down.


-Electric Bubbles

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