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Today is the Day!!!!

Do it today! You can do it today! Get to 50,000 words! Can you believe it? The month is practically over, but the partying has just begun. Today is when you rush to the finish line. Today you can write those blessed last words, “The End.” WOW! You never thought you would! Then validate your novel and join in the party. If you feel the need, you can print out your whole manuscript and use it as confetti. Having the whole manuscript in their hands is enough to make some people cry. So go out and buy a stack of paper, all blank and white, but in a matter of minutes you will actually get to hold the product of your whole month’s writing. You can also frame your certificate and/or send out a photo of you holding it. After all of this, is was worth is, was it not? And after all of that work, Camp NaNoWriMo is OVER! Congratulations novelists, I am proud of your work.

For every writer who did not get 50,000 words, believe it or not, that is actually okay and the world will keep on going. Whether you decide to go for it again in August or November, or if you except your broken manuscript as it is, you have still wrote something worth being proud of. Especially if you never show it to anyone, then you can continue being proud of it. 😉 (My plan exactly)

And now, go find a happy dance cartoon on Google Images and post it as your profile picture. I’ve actually been doing that for the past few days.


signed with giggles and outrageous laughter

-Electric Bubbles, NaNoWriMo gal

My sister Ruthie drew this picture

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