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Forgiveness when it isn’t wanted

We are supposed to forgive. Got it. I’m totally read to forgive when they show their pain, whimper a bit, and plead for forgiveness. But what if they don’t want that forgiveness? Wouldn’t it be so much easier if they asked to be forgiven before we had to forgive them? If they were actually sorry! But Jesus never said to forgive when they ask for it, he simply said to forgive.

But that can be so hard. When their conscience doesn’t seem to be doing anything and you are tapping your foot, waiting for an apology. “I’d be ready to forgive them if they only seemed sorry.”

Anyway, just thought I’d throw out there that we cannot wait for them to ask, we must forgive. I think the first step to that is praying for their well being. Pray also for a forgiving heart, and Jesus said, “Ask and you will receive.” Forgiveness can be painful, but it is more painful to hold anger.

Also, another part to forgiveness is considering our forgiveness from Christ, right? “That person doesn’t even care!” but neither did I. I did not care when I rejected God. I hated God, yes I did, but he forgave me for everything, and after that, how can you without your own forgiveness for this offense?

And that’s all!



-Electric Bubbles

P.S. And while you’re praying, I’ve been feeling awfully dizzy lately. Going to the Doctor tomorrow. 😉

4 thoughts on “Forgiveness when it isn’t wanted

  1. I heard you were not feeling good:( I’m soooooo sorry. I did pray for you and I hope you feel better soon.

    • Thanks!
      I really wish I could come over to your house. =( It’s so sad, the way things played out. Do you know if you can come on Sunday? If so, I’ll give you a huge Birthday hug. If not, *sniff* I’ll call you tomorrow.

  2. Okay… so this has nothing to do with the topic… well, it sort of does. Grace says sorry for not sending you a letter. She’s kind of freaking out right now. Anyways.

    • Niya now, are you.
      Well, tell Grace, I’ve totally forgot to write the letter I meant to write her too. Tell her not to freak out at all, because haha, this post was not towards her, seriously. haha.

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