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Freewriting about freewriting


I am going to freewrite about freewriting. Won’t that be fun? I am going through a writing book right now called Resources for Writers, and it is making me freewrite. I do not mind this exercise, for freewriting is almost as fun as the first draft. I enjoy writing thr first draft, but not rewriting. So yeah, I do not know how long I am supposed to freewrite, but I will talk about the thing itself.

Freewriting is putting everything down on paper. Freewriting is just spilling over and making sure you don’t forget anything until you write it down. Gail Carson Levine came up with a word that means, “having a great idea and forgetting it before you get it down on paper” and I wish I could remember what that long awesome sounding word was, because it would be useful in everyday life to explain my illness. I have this illness you see, not writing it soon enough and as soon as I sit down with the paper and pen (or laptop) I have forgotten it. That is why you should have one long freewriting session for each thing you write, essay, article, story, maybe even each scene of a novel. You might list points you want to make, feelings you want to draw out, or information you want to give. So yeah, that.

When you freewrite, you should, well first you should practice typing so that you can type quickly. Then you should set a timer for like about 15 minutes or so and just write everything that comes to mind. I mean everything. And when you don’t know what to write about, just write a random word. Or actually, my book that I’m reading, or working through, it says to write your topic word over and over, like this, freewriting, freewriting, freewriting. And so on. So yeah, I guess that would work to keep your mind on topic while you write, because I have a tendancy to go off on a bunch of side trails. But back to our topic of freewriting, freewriting, freewriting. I just had the random thought, should “freewriting” be together or should it be “free writing”? My book says “freewriting” and the book is always right, right?
So yeah, what else do we know about freewriting? Um, freewriting, freewriting, freewriting. Freewriting……freewriting. I don’t know. Let’s see, there are 6 prewriting thingies that you can do before the first draft. Brb. Okay I’m back. Daddy just gave me and Gennie a talk about the business. But back to freewriting. There is 6 thingies you can do before the first draft. Freewriting, listing, questioning, keeping a journal, clustering, and outlining. I will have to do each of these, so I’ll post them as I go, hmm?

When you freewriting, never stop typing. Never stop thinking. What do you know about the topic? What does the audience need to know? And all those great important questions. And now I need to ask, what do I know about freewriting? I know that, um it’s fun, it’s good, it’s helpful, you can’t stress when you do it, you just have to keep writing, you can’t worry about spelling and stuffs, and yeah. That.

And would you know it, I’ve got to go eat lunch, but that’s not the worst thing that could happen. So yeah, I think I have to stop typing now about freewriting, even though I haven’t sat here for 15 minutes yet. Oops, I really got to go now. BYE! Happy freewriting!


-Electric Bubbles

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