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Don’t give in to Week Two blues!

I can speak from experience, you have felt/are feeling/have been feeling like you want to give up. The story is flunking, getting up early is wearing on you, it isn’t exciting anymore. Week two is where the most people drop out and give up. Don’t be one of them! Your story is better than you think! It’s on paper! This is only the first draft, please remember, and later you can rewrite all you like, and I will help you through it as much as I can. (I’m not a rewrite/revise person, so we’ll see.)

On Week Two, your characters are probably still struggling for identity, or maybe your story is struggling to figure out the real plot. You had something to kick it off in Week One, and you have something planned for Week Three, but you don’t know what to do in between. So here’s some tips for getting words.

Add a stutter.  Your character needs a stutter. Just to boost things up, add style, make things confusing, keep you focused, and most importantly, you can turn ev-evry-w-wor-d-d -in-t-ta-a-b-b-b-bunch.

Write detail, write lots of detail. It’s boring, you say? Then come up with ways to make it not boring! (I can’t think of a better example than On The Edge of the Dark Sea Of Darkness) Instead of saying the sunset was a pretty pink, say the sunset reminded you of the rim on a slice of bacon. The fish wasn’t just swimming along, it was also belching its ABC’s in bubbles.

Add an animal that keeps on popping up for no reason. And later you may even like to give him an important role. “Like seriously, that squirrel looks an awful lot like he’s watching us.” Later, “Bart! There’s that squirrel again.” Later, “Bart, the squirrel just stole my car keys!”

And lastly, use those lovely little blocks, the story cubes, those ones, with the little pictures on em. You know how that goes.

Give me your random ideas to help get words!


El-l-lec-ct-t-t-tric-c B-b-bub-b-bles-s

I love comments! Please tell me what you think.

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