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Week Two!

Here we stand on the beginning of week two, and how are you doing?! Many people will tell you that week two is the hardest of weeks, so when you feel like quitting, you are simply feeling normal. If you don’t feel like quitting at least once this month, well, good for you, you must not be human.  But whatever you do,  keeping going, advance your story, and WRITE!

Here the plot begins to write itself. I have already gotten testimony of characters trying to kill themselves, and that can be a good or bad thing. If you have developed your characters, (the job of the first week) then they will begin to act for you in the second week. It can be scary. (It can be sad.) But it is a good thing when they act for themselves. But not so good when they kill themselves. Even worse when they try their hardest not to be killed–and you kill them anyway.

So yeah! If you are aiming to get 50,000 words by the end of the month, you need 13,344 by now, and hopefully more, because the second week goes a bit slow, and those extra words help. If you don’t have that much, write until you do! I do well when I deprive myself from sugar until a certain wordcount is reached. You will write quickly when the icecream is melting in front of you.

(And if you are going for 100,000 words by the end of the month, you are absolutely nutty, but you need at least 26,672. Right now I have 28,066, and I shall write more as soon as I finish with this blog post–if we aren’t watching Andy Griffith together. 😉 )

So keep writing! Write! Write! Write! WHEE!

Now! Off to watch the show, and it will cost me 444 extra words tomorrow that I wouldn’t have wrote.


-Electric Bubbles

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