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How’s my NaNoBuddies?

So how are you doing, my Nanofriends? Have you been basking in chocolate or succumbing under despair? Have you been reaching your word goals with no stress or labored to reach just an inch below the mark? However you are doing, you are doing well, because you are writing, no matter how much or how awful that writing is, you are writing, and writing is good. Sometimes I wonder how that adorable little beagle at the top can type so often without any facial expression. How does he keep his calm? Well, the true answer is, he doesn’t. Snoopy gets aggravated too, and that should be an encouragement to the writing world!

That’s a truer picture of an author. The one below is even better.

I simply love chocolate covered expresso beans!

And while I was randomly looking at writing cartoons, Nanotoons in particular, I came across a hilarious comic that is so random I almost didn’t post it, but well, it was irresistible. I have no idea what the dinosaur has to do with the comic, or why he is crushing a house in the 3rd square.

So what’s your wordcount? Mine’s 12270 for now. 😉


-Electric Bubbles

22 thoughts on “How’s my NaNoBuddies?

  1. 5 things:

    1. Technically, since “NaNoBuddies” is plural, the title should be “How’re my NaNoBuddies?” But “how’re” is a very awkward word for mouths to say, so I can understand why you’d want to avoid it. 😉

    2. Snoopy has always been my hero when it comes to writing. Which probably explains a lot about me, haha!

    3. Confession: I still haven’t started. I think I’m going to cram it all in after I finish my costume, since I committed to the costume first, and other people are counting on me completing it on time. I work best under ridiculously short deadlines anyway!

    4. I’ve seen those dinosaur comics before! They take the same comic, and put in crazy, random conversations! I can’t remember where I read them, though.

    5. I love you.

    • haha, Thanks Sarah!
      1,” How’s” does sound better, and I don’t really mind haha
      2. Snoopy is coming up more than once this month
      3. That’s alright because you’re the kind of person who will stay up all night to read a bool-they tend to finish in the last few days
      4. So I’ve been told! I’ve never seen them before.
      5. I love you too!

  2. Woot! I managed to re-write everything that I had so far…. and now I’m at 9143 words!! Yippee!!!

  3. haha, you know…I’m quite a procrastinator….! =( Which haha, isn’t a good thing…So I think July will be my Nanomonth….because, My parents are going to be on a 2 week vacation…Which means… ^_^ *WEE* me too… ^_^ Haha…so I’ll try to finish up my book then…But you know…I’m still me…haha.
    And OH, Snoopy… ^_^ I love his expresion…always the same…^_^ haha…. 🙂
    And that was a really crazy comic…the dino one… ^_^ haha…!

  4. Your nano Buddie is tired. From lack of sleep of course, not of writing!!!! I have 7213 words written. Now let me go eat another smore…..to celebrate!

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