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Tips when typing

When typing:

1. Don’t erase what you’ve wrote. Italicize it and move on, it counts as words and you may use some of it later when rewriting.

2. Write alone when you can. Without someone looking over your shoulder, without the fear of crying in front of them during an emotional scene–it just works better.

3. Don’t have someone else read your work until NaNoWriMo is over. (Sorry Grace) This will make you more conscience of what you’re writing, but that can be very bad when you’re trying to get a word count. Especially when you are only italicizing your messed up scenes and such.

4. Use facial expressions when you type. Depending on how good your typing is, you can use a lot of facial expressions, as I tend to. I catch myself acting out whatever I’m writing, imagining the faces and actions going on. I’ll even close my eyes for a time and type what I’m feeling, as the character. It works! Just make sure you are typing in all out, and not acting it all out, or later you will read your draft and realize, you never put those actions in there.

5. De-hyphenate. Usually if you add a hyphen between words, the word count will count it as one word, use a space, win an extra word. Later you can edit for proper grammar.

6. Go ahead and let your characters stumble along spouting random words. You can edit later to make it more interesting, but for now, random words are your friends. You can always italicize sentences you don’t like.

And for things not related to your typing, subplots are there to make the story more interesting, and also longer. They add height and excitement, but don’t let them run off with you. Plan out your subplots, which ones you’re using, when you will play with them, and what time they will resolve.

If you are stuck, you didn’t write an outline, or maybe you did and you just can’t get to the next scene, there’s probably a multitude of characters in your book, and you’re probably emotional attached to many of them. Kill one that you areĀ very attached to, or one that you aren’t too excited about so that you can mourn over how you didn’t love him better when he was alive. Plus, if you don’t like him yet, you probably never will. Writing is quite an adventure.


-Electric Bubbles

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