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Novel Soundtrack

It’s only because I have nothing else to plan for my novel. I have the outline done, character sketches finished, and–I’ve gotta do SOMETHING! So I make a soundtrack of music to listen to while writing this particular story. I just chose ones with fitting music, mainly, so not all of these are my favorites, and not all my favorite songs are here. (But if you pay attention you will soon discover my favorite artist.)

Chariots of Fire
A Knife in the Dark–Howard Shore
Amon Hen–Howard Shore
When I hear the Praises start–Keith Green
Peponi–Alex Boyd, The Piano Guys
Don’t Waste Your Life–Lecrae
Revelation Song–Phillips, Craig, and Dean
Shadows–Resurrection Band
My Eyes Are Dry–Keith Green
It’s about the Cross–The Ball Brothers
Loch Lomond–Moria Kerr
Here I am, Send Me–Keith Green
If not for Christ–FFH
Divenire–Ludovico Einaudi
Bless the Broken Road–Selah
Song to my parents–Keith Green
Don’t give up on love–Santus Reel
Dust to Dust–Keith Green
El Shaddai–Amy Grant
El Shaddai–Michael Card
Stand in the Rain–Superchic[k]
Make My Life a Prayer to you–Keith Green
Nothing left to Lose–Michael Carney
Tears of the Saints–Leeland
Run to the end of the highway–Keith Green
His strength is perfect–Steven Curtis Chapman
More to this life–Steven Curtis Chapman
Twenty four–Switchfoot
Don’t Want to Fall Away From You–Keith Green
Martyr’s Song–Todd Agnue
On a Corner in Memphis–Todd Agnue
If You Wanted Me–Todd Agnue
London–Brandon Heath
Feel the light–Britt Nicole
Don’t You Wish You Had the Answers–Keith Green
May it be–Enya
We’ll be together again–The Ragamuffin Band
Around Me–Jennifer Knapp
Charity–Jennifer Knapp
No Regrets–Jennifer Knapp
Rushing Wind–Keith Green

Haha, okay that was really obvious. I’ve actually never tried writing with music, so we’ll see how it goes. It might turn out that this list doesn’t help at all. Anywho, has anyone else made a soundtrack?


-Electric Bubbles

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