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Running toward the starting line (yes yes yes)

It’s been a long while since I posted, sorry, but there hasn’t been anything to blog about. But now there is! There’s 24 days until Camp Nanowrimo starts! (see Camp Nanowrimo) If you haven’t signed up, do so! Every person ought to write a novel in their time and having a deadline is the only way to do it, and Nanowrimo has the funnest deadline anywho.

And we still aren’t allowed to plan out our novel. Not even daydream!!!! Don’t do it! But my fingers are just itching to type. Something! Anything! (BTW, if you aren’t a writing person, you’ll want to leave for two months or so until this is all over.) So I’m running through every exercise that I can think of to get me ready. Here’s a few

1. Write the sentence “I very much enjoyed the letter I received from you.” in 100 different ways. (Okay, that’s not that important, but I did it.)

2. Write character sketches for yourself (and your friends), detailing every little thing that says “Me”

3. Play whatif games until you come up with ten potential subplots. But don’t choose the ones to use!!! That’s for later. (If you don’t know how to play, let me know.)

4. Experiment with your coffee.

5. Add two things to your “Bad Novel” “Good Novel” lists. (See Your NaNoNoteBook)

6. Tell every person who will listen that your are writing a novel in June and carefully record their reaction. (Let’s see, the Dickman’s baby laughed. The Moslander’s baby gurgled. Kitty twitched her ear. MoeCat rolled his eyes.  Grandpa snored…)

7. Write character sketches for other book characters, ones you love, and ones you detest. Then corrupt their names and personalities until the ones you love and the ones you detest are muddled.
(The next four exercises come from Ready, Set, Novel! Get the book for more of ’em.)

8. Your protagonist’s mother is interviewed for the local paper about her child’s achievements. Write that article

9. Write a week’s worth of Facebook posts from a supporting character. Take it a step further and add comments made by his friends…and enemies.

10. Your main character finds a genie in a bottle. What three wishes does he make?

11. Write a really cheesy love song that your main character will sing to his love interest

12. Read pep talks at nanowrimo.org/pep

13. Write the story about your villian’s nephew’s cousin’s father’s best friend’s dog.

14. And then tell me how excited you are for Camp Nanowrimo. (And, *ahem* if by any chance you have already started writing, you’ve already ruined Camp for yourself and I feel sorry for you.)


-Electric Bubbles

9 thoughts on “Running toward the starting line (yes yes yes)

  1. YAY WOOT WOOT I’m so excited Ellie!!!!!!!! =D Yee woo I can’t wait!!!!!! ^_^ I’m so glad I get to be doing this with one of my bestest of friends ❤

        • What if a girl wrote 44,444 words for their nanonovel? What if that girl had a snake named fluffy? What if that snake had lived for two thousand years? What if in its lifetime he had met an alien? What if that alien was the girl doing Nanowrimo? What if Nanowrimo bound her to earth and she couldn’t leave? What she became a Nanowrimo machine? What if her named was Ellie? What if her favorite number was 4 because she came from Saturn? What if her little brother came from Jupiter?
          That’s a lame example, but that pretty much all you do. Then pick some of the questions that interest you and form a plot.

          What if you found an mp3 player from which you could hear people’s thoughts? Pick up, ask another.

          • What if I heard Mama thinking about my cool birthday present? What if it was a case of Twixs? What if Twix went bankrupt cause somebody stole all the wrappers? What if that somebody was our neighbor? What if he was planning to take over the world with all those candy wrappers? What if his puppy dog Toots was actually a robot spy? What if he ran on candy wrapper powered batteries?
            Haha that’s pretty fun Ellie! 😀

  2. Cool beans. I wish I had that list before I started NaNo LOL. I’m so excited that midnight I’ll be free again!!!

    Good luck with your NaNo camp. I’ll tell my writing buddies about it because we definitely want to try it again.

    Keep smiling,

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