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Grace Camp Meeting Photos

Wow! The Grace Camp Meeting was such a blessing, and so much fun. All these pictures were taken by my brother, Billy.

Two cool moms watching the kids

Justin playing Knock-out

Blake and Kimmy

The Ripstick is a serious sport

Ultimate Trashcan!

The Ultimate trashcan spectators

Don't touch the Trashcan!!!

Ruthie lacing up for soccer

We all played soccer to celebrate Billy’s 22nd birthday. The soccer game was awesome, but Billy was playing so there’s no pictures of it. Happy Birthday Billy!

Chris Gunby took this picture of the soccer players. He told us all to make a peace sign, but me being me, I made a gun...and a weird face.

Mike Marrow! What a great message.

After that awesome message we all had to go around and hug each other. This is Sarah, Gennie, and Savannah.

Rob Pelky. Wow. This guy was never still, I don't know how Billy got a picture.

You can listen to all of the messages at Sermon Audio They are worth hearing!!!

Wilson getting his food from Michelle.

And me with my lil buddy, Benjamin. He is waayyyy too sweet.

Thanks again to Billy for the pictures.

People who weren’t there, and people who were, the messages are at Sermon Audio and are soooooo good. I’ve already listened to the first one again.


-Electric Bubbles

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