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Jon book-fail(ing)

Blegh. It’s finally come when I just don’t want to write that story for anything. So give me some ideas to spark me again. I’m stuck. I was planning on Drystan searching for the Jayanta for quite awhile, to make it more fulfilling at the end, but now, it seems like that’s the only thing left for him to do. You know, that worst part is that I’ve got so little done. And it’s so undeveloped.

And! I have something else to say! Sarah Rhoe broke my code!!! So now that she has, I’ll tell you what it was. (Before I tell you, you have one more chance to go back and try to figure it out on your own.) I took every letter and moved it left on the keyboard. Ah! Now you get it. So my prize goes to Sarah, that is, tonight she gets a humongous hug. ^v^ Because tonight is the beginning of the Grace Camp Meeting! I’m so happy! I’ll be taking pictures and notes and telling y’all about it. Until then!



-Electric Bubbles

2 thoughts on “Jon book-fail(ing)

  1. Hmmm….How about you throw another character in there, like one Jayanta, kid, or woman his age, or some guy that he can become a buddy with, throw some feeling into it…you know…like…The “character” is being attacked by some evil creature, and Drystan saves the “character” and for some reason, like because the “character” is Jayanta, they HATE Drystan anyways, even though He saved the “character” and through this “character” he finds out that this “character” is Jayanta, and through this “character” he realizes all the pain that their betrayal put upon the Jayanta, and with you know….some other details thrown in, through this “character” Drystan comes to find the Jayanta….! So yeah, a lot of things you could do… ^_^ don’t give up…girlie…you can do it..Have a great time at Grace Camp…. ^_^

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