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Boldness via–not vs–humility

I woke up today and lay in bed, as the routine goes, thinking “What’s today? Friday. Friday the 13th. Fun! Yesterday was Thursday, my piano lesson, and today nothing is scheduled.” then I added, as I am trying to get in the habit “live boldly today. Make today count. Be passionate, be bold, be courageous. Think Christ.” I forgot to remind myself to be HUMBLE as well, though I should think of humility when I think of Christ. As a result, the day is already on end, here before ten o-clock.

I got on the laptop and reminded myself in my journal “Be bold today, Ellie. Live for Christ. Pray and read the Bible with passion.” and began to write random stories that I’m working on. When breakfast was ready I set the laptop on the bed. However, Gennie didn’t like that because I put the laptop on her bed.

“Ellie, your laptop’s on my bed again.”
“Can I just keep it there for a few minutes, I’ll be back to it.”
“I took it off”
“Gennie, I’ll be right back-”
“Put it on your own bed.”
“But mine’s close to the ground where any little kid can get it.”

But she was gone and I was fuming. No she wasn’t fuming, but she still fumed me up. Yeah, I’m that bad.

I thought back to just a few minutes earlier, think boldly, but that doesn’t mean brashly. Boldness should not counter humility, rather it should be manifest in humility. Thinking boldly seems to put me in an “I can defeat the world” way of thinking, but rather we should be bold to be humble. Bold to be loving. Bold to be different. Dare to be humble? It can sound like an oxymoron, but it’s not. It’s tough, but it will be added to my morning thought pattern.

“Today is Friday the 13th. Live boldly. Live humbly. Live with passion. Think Christ.”


-Electric Bubbles

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