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Jon book – Part Nine

And just to spite you, I’m posting in code again, the same code, my awesome code, the one I came up with in five seconds, the one that no one could break, the one that no one tried to break–yes that one! Ha!

U arukk x’br vwkuwcw bi ibw veijw ur. Tiy oweaib, qgiwcwe tiy ‘ew, tiy ‘ew ew’kkt xiik. “bs wcwetibw wkaw ua ‘ hwej. Biq qw jbiq ainwrgubf rg’r rgwt sibr. Ukk rwkk tiy niew rii: rg’r kurrkw fbinw g’a ‘ vuf o’er ub rgua ariet. Gw nufgr wcwb acw rgw QIEKS!

(1. All capitalized letters are capitalized. 2. All words have the correct number of characters. 3. Parenthesis, commas, and sentence endings are correct. 4. You know what I always write at the bottom of a post. 5. It was not hard to come up with, just hard to interpret.)

Now, you can look at the clues and wonder, but just know I’m always going to post Jonny’s story in code until SOMEONE breaks it. 😛 (This part of the story is really bad, by the way.)

Click Here!


-Electric Bubbles

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