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Jon book – part six

And the story progresses!

Meghan asked me last time what happened to Drystan to change his attitude, well, I don’t really know. I guess he went home and thought about it and came to a resolve. Well, we shall see the results of that, won’t we!

Thanks for your input. Keep it coming. (You don’t really have to give me 105 comments, but that was fun.)


-Electric Bubbles

(This story bit has been removed. Contact me if you would like it.

9 thoughts on “Jon book – part six

  1. OH, ='( Ellie….I haven’t been able to read any of your stories you’ve been posting…*Waaaaahhh-hahaah* I can’t pull them up….*sniff* *_* :”} *sniff*…..!

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