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Jon book – part four

Jon book, part four. And people give me some advice to where this story should be going. What could I do now?


-Electric Bubbles

(I’ve took the story off on the 15th. If you’d like it, contact me.)

105 thoughts on “Jon book – part four

  1. I say that you should FORCE HIM OUT!!! Make it so he has NO choice but to go look for them!!! I don’t know, burn his house down or something! πŸ˜‰ Or maybe drop in a speck of hope. Not a real hope, just like somebody who DOES have a little hope left……? Or introduce another character or two! Haha if you were like me then you would have like twenty main chacters in it by now! hee hee! I think I put too many people in my stories!

    • Hmm, good idea. We’ll see. After they leave the village is invaded, but maybe they should invade and then Drystan leave. We’ll see.
      And just don’t put me in your story to be your puppet and doing whatever you want. πŸ˜€ I don’t want to be around a “Belle” flinging a flying frying pan. (Say that last part 5 times really fast.)

      • Oh haha but Ellie it seems I remember that you wanted me to put you in my story!!!???!!!! Hmm now what could of changed your mind….? πŸ˜‰ It wasn’t the bit about me being hard on my characters was it…? hee hee…

      • Oh yeah I forgot about that for a second! But hmm… good idea Ellie! That would be another interesting thread of a story to weave in….. and Oh Belle couldn’t hurt anybody even if she tried so you’d be JUST fine!

      • DUH! Cause Billy is Billy! Belle is Belle! They are very different: One is complicated and then other is difficult!
        And Yay I can’t wait for your letter! (Yes I’m brave;) )

      • Haha. Yep, that’s it.
        And you don’t have to be too brave for this letter actually. 😦 sadly. But you wait until the next one! I’ll think of some great come back, not that I actually have to, you’ve already cleared up everything. You are clearly and impossibly in every important way are like a certain Belle who though she is mistreated so often, is still hopelessly in love.

      • Oh haha you’re hilarious! And oh if you think I am like *ahem* “Belle” in this instance than I must tell you that you have made an error. Indeed I am not at all “hoplessly in love” (As you said) I’ve told you once, I’ve told you twice and I’ll probably tell you again if you are as stubborn with this as you were with Your “P.S.S”: YOU ARE SO WRONG!!! So there! πŸ˜€

        • Why would you even imply if it wasn’t true. You are indeed, right down with your book character. Do you see this, Leah? You know it’s true that she’s in love, right?
          Silly Meg, trying to stifle it. Well, just remember, Duck Girl, and you can tell me about anything and everything. Pour out your overstuffed heart, my dear.
          You are helpless. ^-^

      • HELPLESS?????!!! Am not! Even when it comes to you Ellie! And yes I am “right down with my book character” at least in that instance, and therefore I am just as NOT in love as she is haha which is a TON of NOT!!! He he… overstuffed heart is it? More like overstuffed EARS with you and your guy and my little sister with another, and believe me, she is just about as bad as you are!!
        And I got your letter today! πŸ˜€ And i just wanted to warn you that Leah certainly WILL NOT side with you as you predicted in your letter.. haha!
        But you are free to think what you like! I’m not going to say you are right but you certainly may believe what you wish….! πŸ™‚
        And BTW I have nothing to stifle. (Except perhaps the overwhelming need to laugh my head off at you *ahem* predictions)
        Anyway, have fun storming the castle!

        • Oh, Meg, Meg, Meg. Don’t you see all those words you wrote in between the lines? All those, “Oh she’s caught me for sure.” and “How on earth did she know?” and “I just don’t want to admit that she is right.”

      • Yeah of course I don’t see them! Because they’re not there!!! Did you really expect me to see a fragment of your imagenation????

        • Haha. I have, I will. I will always. You thought you were clever. You thought that since you were “capable” of teasing you could be me who is “incapable” of not teasing!
          Sorry, Duck Girl, but this battle can only end in defeat….of you that is. πŸ˜‰

      • And what classifies as a “defeat” of my self hmm? And you just seem so sure hmm? WE shall SEE! Will we? Aye we shall! We shall show DLEB that she doesnae ken what she thinks shes kens… we will show her even ifs we has to pound it into her pate with a hammer! Aye you daft limmer ye shall see…… ye shall see…….

        • Ah thou art gravely mistaken, for hast the Dear Little Electric Bubbles ever suffered herself to defeat? Never I tell you! Thou’st scurvy knave shalt fall and myself shall stand triumphant!

      • “Mi mi mi blah blah blah!”
        haha you’re a funny one Ellie! Stand triumphant indeed! You would make me a liar rather then admit your defeat???

      • Haha that’s what you think! Ellie do you honestly think that I would lie like that? HONESTLY??????!!!!!! Of course not! Meghans DON’T lie, in case you haven’t heard!
        When we meet we shall certainly argue this all out haha and boy it will be an arguement to remember!!!! For I can see that you are nearly as good at coming up with lasts words as I am, but as I have truth on my side, I believe that you will be the one to finally say, “You win” haha! πŸ˜€

        • Oh but I tried! Remember? “You are right” but then you shoved it right back in my face. “No I’m not, I never said that!” hee hee!
          You dear are simply begging me to tease you.

      • What do you mean “something else” ??? Oh you haven’t even begun to see what I have up MY sleeve!!! (I’ve got a very long one honey) Of course it won’t break your confidence cause you are stubborn; but that doesn’t mean I won’t win!

        • Oh I’m much much too stubborn to let you get any bit of glory over this. Only I shall dominate. Only I shall triumph. You’re own trick shall be thrown in your face ad you will fall by your own weapon. Bring it on!!!

      • “ad you will fall…” really now Ellie do you have a cold or something? (Hee hee!) Well darling I see no need to bring out “the big guns” yet as I am still on top. For now, I will just stick to coming up with perfect arguments for eveything you say! You have not said something yet that I wasn’t able to give a come back to!

        • What? On top? You? Oh my, you are greatly mistaken for I am surely confident that you are waayyy underneath. And what have I not been able to answer to? I have answered everything with what I thought was obvious evidence against you.
          And I’m not trying to be cold. If you would just admit defeat you we could finally have peace again. Actually, we’d have peace for the first time, because it was that very first letter that you sent that started this whole mess.
          You are wrong.
          I am right.
          We all know the truth.

      • Note you said “surely confident” that I was not on top. Haha if I WAS on the bottom then you would say that I was, instead of talking about how confident you were haha!
        And may I remind you that it was YOU how started “this whole mess” as you said.

        Oh then let this be my 60th; Let this be one to remember!

        I will win. I’ve already won! For I have admitted the truth and it was not what you thought. This battle is over Ellie.

      • Ellie…What on earth is going on between you two??? Sounds like you are trying your match making skills again…And you shall find out that Meg, is a TON more stubborn than ever you could imagine myself to be….She wont ever give in to you….LOL….UNLESS you are correct in your assumtions…that is….! Which if you are reffering to someone, in particular…who I have a mind to think you are…I doubt very much that you shall ever convince Meggy. That she is wrong….For I know something…. ^_^ Hahah…..!

        • What?! You don’t agree with me? Leah!!! I feel stabbed in the back.
          Meghan Rebecca Head! You may be stubborn but you don’t know me! And of course I am right in my assumptions! That’s why I will win. Just you wait!

      • WOO HOO LEAH!!!! Yeah you tell you her girl!!!!!!! Yay yay yay!!!! HAHA ELLIE I TOLD YOU SHE WOULDN’T SIDE WITH YOU!!!!!! πŸ˜€ BIG smily face!!! YAY LEAH!!!!
        No no no, Ellie, just YOU wait! HAHA! πŸ˜€

        • Oh just YOU wait! I’m not out of steam in the least bit. I’m just getting worked up. And she didn’t side with YOU did she?!?!?!!! The whole WORLD will agree with me! The government will!

      • LOL…Meggy…You are so funny…. =) You and Ellie shall have to fight this one out…I’m afraid to side with either of you..HAHA…I shall have to have evidence from both sides before I side with either of you…???? So c’mon and fess up…Both of you…I think, (from what I have SEEN) That you both are having some sort of jealous rivalry…over the attentions. Of an *ahem* unmentionable person.

      • LOL…No I meant you were jealous of Meg…Because you thought that she (meg) was moving in on your ground…hint hint…if you know what I mean…Poor Enzo…She’s so love sick she can’t think straight. πŸ˜‰

        • Oh you! Oh oh oh!!! I am not jealous of anyone! Oh, I can’t even believe you! Ah! You, you, you trader! Oh, Meghan is so gonna get me about this. Well for your information I have no jealousy at all! In fact, I feel sorry for you and Meg, both swooning over their loved ones. Ha! Thank God I haven’t fallen like you too.

      • Oh why of course they would agree with you marriage certificate Ellie! If not your dear one would certainly make them!

        • Oh they would agree with my marriage certificate, but I assure you, I will not have the last name MAYS. (BTW, Meghan Mays sounds so natural, it’s hard to imagine you never being a Meghan Mays sometime in your life. That time will be when you finally own up to yourself and admit that you are in love.

      • Haha you stinker! Ok ok I admit it….. I AM in love……. WITH CHOCOLATE!!!!!! Oh I can never ever get enough of that stuff!!!! And if you are still thinking that I’m gonna end up a “Mays” then you can certainly nip that idea in the bud! Ha!

      • I love you Ellie. And you know I’m only joking. πŸ˜‰ haha. Why ever would I tease either of you about someone who I know doesn’t like either of you in that way! Haha…I think You both should just give in to me…Yep…I am the one who should be your go between….!

      • Ellie…It’s not just that he isn’t sweet on her…I know that much…But I know who she is sweet on, and it’s not him…so that should stop all this argument right now…haha.

      • LOL! Well since this is public “conversation” I shall abstain from mentioning this second gent. And I shan’t until I know it’s ok with the secrets author. And even then I shan’t be able to publicly proclaim the secret. =) haha. So anyways..I’ll give you a hint. You will more than likely find out soon…! πŸ˜‰ haha.

        Now as to her mentioning of the “gentleman” well. I’d say it was to see your response. which you my dear have overly above and beyond given her. And secondly it was for pure, and honest ornery-ness…! ^_^

      • Haha you sure know me well Leah! =D you are right about everything! (Except maybe the “you shall know soon bit hee hee πŸ˜‰ )

      • I guess so. πŸ˜‰ You know…I just realized I’ve known you for like an entire year now. πŸ™‚ Oh, how fun it has been too. =) haha. And I’m sure this year shall be just as much if not more so. HAHA…Oh, c’mon, you’d keep a secret from Ellie?? haha. Maybe it would be safer… πŸ˜‰ JK..haha. ❀

      • Yes Leah this has been the best year of my life!!! πŸ˜€ And I think it will only get better!!!!
        Yeah I won’t tell Ellie yet…. besides, she’ll figure it out soon enough anyhow! πŸ˜‰

      • Oh Ellie you know I can’t tell you here! πŸ˜‰ And haha what do you think is going on then??? you dear goosey you! ❀

        • Ha! You did use to like him! And no doubt you think he’s still cute, but you’ve just given up hope. Ha! So if you used to like him and I never did, I was more correct in my argument!

      • Ellie…Thanks.. ^_^ I try…haha. And I’m not mean…I’m actually being nice…Because it would be “mean” of me to tell you a secret I promised not to tell anyone. And if I know Meg, she will tell you…After a while…hahaha…. ^_^ Yeppers.! I honestly would tell you if I could. But my consience won’t allow it. haha. Or my honor of a promise made that must be kept. Because that’s what friends do. πŸ˜‰ LOVE YOU GIRLIE…!

  2. Haha…Oh, Ellie…I never said I didn’t agree with you…But I never said that I did either…! It all depends on who we are talking about…LOL…Yes Meg…You will find Ellie to be just as stubborn as yourself I am afraid…. *cringe*

  3. Oh my word. This is the 73rd comment on this post. And it has nothing to do with the post either. You people are silly. And both Leah and Meghan are the highest commenters on my blog too.

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