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Says my sister Gennie: You don’t need another blog to post art, you already have one.

Says Me: But that’s where I post writing and such.

Gennie: No you don’t, you post Gabby videos.

Me: That’s true. Hmm, so I should just post art on my blog?

Gennie: A blog’s a blog.

So that’s why I’m posting artwork. For you people who came here for writing, sorry for the interruption. For people who came for the drawings, sorry again, I won’t be posting them often.

So I have a quite different style than my sister Gennie first of all, I don’t pay for my supplies so I just use printer paper and pencil. That’s cool. And then I’m a lot less patient, that is I can draw for hours, but my hand will not go slow for me so things tend to be sketchy. Even so, here’s the recent.

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This is actually one from awhile ago, as you can see from the date.

And I didn't spend much time one this one

Lovely picture, wish I had stencils for the frame though

So you know what I've been looking at

This wasn't too recent either, but still pretty. ^_^

That’s all!


Electric Bubbles

5 thoughts on “Art!

  1. Lovely Ellie, And I agree, with Gennie, A blog is a blog, And who ever said that you had to have rules?? For what to post…??? LOL… ❤ U…

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