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Jon Book story idea

My brother Jonny gave me a story idea that he wants me to try. It really sounds pretty cool, so here it is.

There were three groups of people when the world was made, the Krintal, The Varindra, and the Jayanta. Slowly the Krintal, led by Svatoslav was corrupted and after breeding acid dragons and beasts of horror, they marched down to the Varindra who lived on the edge of the woods and were in great brotherly fellowship with the Jayanta. When the Krintal came, the Varindra gave in and betrayed their brothers of peace, giving away secrets of their city and the weaknesses they had. After the Krintal had defeated the Jayanta and none were left, they turned on the Varindra and scattered them. The Varindra fled into the woods and lived in continual guilt because of their betrayal. Slowly they grouped together in the woods and breed the wingless Zambergots, working themselves to be strong and able, but slowly children ceased being born. No more lives, no deaths either, no lives joined in marriage and so they continued in silence with gloomy days and a curse with no remedy.

Then the Krintal began to move again. The woods being slowing cut down and searched and the Varindra left with no where to go. In nearly hopeless effort Drystan Kedar, (Meaning full of sorrow, and blackness) and a group of men go searching for the long lost Jayanta whom none had seen for hundreds of years. Their hope is that somehow they can settle the blame and put away their guilt before the Krintal kill them all.

So yeah, the story is about the Varindra, and specifically Drystan trying to break the curse. Fun huh? I’ve wrote one page of it so far. I don’t know if this is how I want to start or if I could be more traditional. Tell me what you think!


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10 thoughts on “Jon Book story idea

  1. I know this is a lousy place to write this, but I wanted you to know that I just finished reading “Blind”, and now I’m all sniffly. Thanks a lot, haha! My brain isn’t working so well, so my advice is slim and lousy, but I think you have a good thing going, even if you don’t like it! Hopefully I’ll be able to organize my thoughts by the time I talk to you in person.

    I love you, L. E. Jackson!!!

    P.S. Not to be all sentimental… okay, to be totally sentimental, when Mike was talking about how he and Laramie prayed for her I had a flashback to when I found out you were saved. It’s such an amazing thing to see such prayers answered! And now I’m teary-eyed again… Anyway, thanks for the reminder of a joyful moment. I’m thankful to be your sister in Christ. πŸ™‚

    P.S.S. I like Jonny’s idea!

    • ah HA! So you write P.S.S. I thought is was P.S.S. but everyone started telling me it was P.P.S. So which is it? Post Script Script or Post Post Script?

      And I totally want you to forget about that story while I give you what I have of Jonny’s idea. It’s cool! And thank you so much for praying for me! I love you! I found out after I was saved that just that week Gennie had told everyone at Bates Creek to pray for me so as they were praying God was working. Also I was planning on having a birthday party on that day. ^v^ Thank God I didn’t.

      • It’s… well… P.P.S., but I ALWAYS forget. I meant to look it up before I posted, but I forgot that, too! It makes more sense, I guess. But I like the sound of Post Script Script. It’s fun to say.

        Okay, I’ll try to forget. But I’ve seriously been thinking about it all day. I wanted to tell everyone to read it, but I wasn’t sure how you’d feel about that. πŸ™‚

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