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I’ve been awarded because someone thinks my blog is something worthwhile, I think. Thanks Leah!

So here’s the rules.

1. You post the rules

2. You must post 11 random things about yourself

3. Those who I awarded can answer the questions I posted

4. I am supposed to create 11 new questions (for the people I tagged) to answer
5. And finally, I am supposed to let the people I have awarded know that I’ve awarded them
Random facts about me
1. I write four people regularly
2. I have the best cat in the world
3. I would trade her for the best dog in the world
4. My birthday is July Forth
5. I’m aiming to go 2 weeks without caffeine 😦
6. I know how to play (as in I can play more than one song) on piano, guitar, and tin-whistle
7. My favorite vacation spot is Silver Birch Ranch in Wisconsin
8. One of my favorite it quotes is by Jonny Jackson, “You know how we know the moon is made of cheese? The cow that jumped over the moon told us so!”
9. I don’t know what else to say so we’ll have to settle for 9
Here is 11 random questions that Leah asked me
1. If you could take a trip to the moon, would you go? Yes! So totally!
2. How many awards do you currently hold? This is my first
 3. What is your favorite song? I want a hippopotamus for Christmas, Love is in the house, The Mystery of the Cross, Who I am, and All’s Well!
4. If you could choose between a, Mitsubishi Eclipse, Lamborghini Aventador or a Ferrari Enzo, which would be your choice? (keeping in mind it wouldn’t cost you a thing.) I love the name Enzo, one of my favorite nick names, but I’d probably choose the Eclipse
5. What time of day is your favorite? Evening
6. Describe in one or two words your personality type Energetic bubbly
7. What is your all time favorite season? Early autumn
8. If you had to choose between a pet, Spider, Snake or Beetle. Which would you pick? Snake!
9. Which is more common in your daily life, an upside down, or right side up smile? Right side up
10. If you could meet any famous person, who would it be? Clara Barton, Annie Eietherage, Ron Paul, Bob Smiley, Sarah Mally
11. Have these questions been quite random enough? I’d say so
Now I shall ask random questions to the people I award
1. If you could have a superpower, what would you choose?
2. How many times can you say “purple” very fast?
3. What is your favorite joke?
4. What is the most impractical thing you could wish for?
5. What is the first thing you do on the computer?
6. If you were on a deserted island what would you want to read?
7. If you were on a Pegasus where would you go?
8. What is your favorite artist/band?
9. Do I really need to come up with 11 questions?
And so the people I am awarding (which is very hard because Leah awarded all of my favorite blogs, some of which I will re-reward)
The Liebster blog award, Gennie at  GJArtwork
For the Versatile Blog Award, Billy at Servant Photographer (who will most likely ignore this)
For the “Tell me about your self” blog award, Sarah at Droll Digression
For the Irresistibly Sweet award, Haley at Stop and Smell the Roses

34 thoughts on “Awarded!

    • haha, as long as it’s a round about trip, i would be absolutely berserk to even think about it. and you wouldn’t? think about the view of the stars from way up there! and i could get free moon rocks. and i must be traveling with experts if i go so they could tell me everything there is to know about astronomy. ahhhh! oh my word, i may die is someone gave me the chance. did you know it costs America 5 million dollars now to send someone into space through Russia? haha. Ron Paul said we don’t need to go to the moon, just send some politicians up there. =P

      • Haha no I am quite content to stay right here 😀 however, if someone could send me to Naboo that would be neat! I want one of those weird cow thingys for a pet! 😀 haha just kidding! 😉

      • Wow, we are different right there. You say it like you didn’t even think about it. I didn’t either but somehow I came up with a different answer. But why not? You don’t like looking at stars and the moon? Think how cool it would be to get back and look up at the moon and be like, “I touch that!” Oh wow. That would be awesome.

  1. Yeah I guess it would… But oh Ellie I LOVE to look up at the stars and the moon….. I have seen two shooting stars even…. they are so awesome…. I would rather be outside at night than during the day…. I love night time….. most of the most exciting things that ever happened to me happened at night….. 🙂 I just wouldn’t want to go to the moon… it is so… well DEAD!!!! Ok wow I rambled on there haha!

    • Only two shooting stars? I’ve seen at least six. See, we differ. And the moon wouldn’t be dead, it would be awesome! Really now, and you wouldn’t be alone. Wouldn’t you love to spend a trip in space with astronomers?

      • Yes “ONLY” two haha! I am not allowed outside at night as much as I would like! And nope! I STILL don’t want to go to the moon! 😀
        Oh my I can’t wait to meet you Ellie! You just wouldn’t believe how much Leah has told me about you! 😀 Why, nearly every letter from her has at least one page filled with “Ellie’s latest teasing” hahaha!!!!!

      • YES it would be SO cool! 😀 And no haha I don’t have a blog………. I am perfectly content at reading you and Leah’s! =D

        • Ah, well who am I to argue your father. And no, I suppose we aren’t too different, but different in areas I would so not have a second thought in. Really now, I don’t understand why you wouldn’t go to the moon. Wouldn’t you love to see our world, so small and beautiful and just dwell on the greatness of God? And who wouldn’t take a free tour in a spaceship. Really now…

  2. I WOULDN’T!!!!!!!!!! 😀 Hahaha! 🙂 I guess i am not ready to trust a man made thing THAT much…. But still… I wonder if YOU would be so eager if the chance REALLY DID come up….. you get some random email from NASA saying: “Congrats! Youv’e been picked out of a million thriteen gazilion people to be the first person to test out our ALL NEW space ship, the ZOOMER 41!!!! (In other words, you’re our guinea pig) and it’s ALL FREE!!!!!!!” …………… I bet you would probably just delete the email! 😀 haha!

    • Of course I would, who would believe that? And no I wouldn’t go as a guinea pig, but with people who want to explore the moon, not test a spaceship. Really now, if I somehow met some millionaire guy who said he would pay for my two month training period, (just so I know something) and then I could go with some other people as a cleaner person or something simple, and when we got to the moon I was guaranteed at least two full days on the moon, gosh! If it would somehow, by some strange miracle work, I would soooooo go. But you wouldn’t? I don’t understand you? If you knew without a doubt that it would work out and the spaceship was space-worthy why not?!?!?!?!

      • Haha hee hee I know I was just teasing! 😉 But even IF I KNEW FOR SURE that everything would work out I still would not go. Sorry! That’s just me! Too many nightmares of getting stranded out in space I guess! =S haha! But i don’t blame you for wanting to go! After all you’re ELLIE and I’m well ME haha! 😀

        • Oh, you’re afraid of getting stranded in space? Gosh! That would be the dream of a lifetime! Holy cow, what better place to die? And what better way than suffocation? Haha! You’re like “What on earth is she thinking?” and I’m like, “I’m not thinking on earth at all!” Ha! How cool to die among the stars…. ahhh…..
          (Don’t freak out about this. I might be a bit discouraged if the spaceship did have a problem. I’d just write letters to leave at home just in case. haha! At any rate, that wouldn’t stop me.)

      • OH my goodness Ellie you’re something else! Die among the stars indeed….. your MILIONS of miles away from ANY star! Oh my goodenss tsk tsk tsk yes what ARE you thinking!!!!!!!! hahahaa!!!!

      • Oh Ellie… *sniff*….. WAAAAHH DON’T TALK ABOUT YOU DIYING!!!!!!
        Haha I’ve got to meet you first! And oh when I think that i was this close to coming to that dance where you met Leah, and I could have met you too! And that’s not the only thing I missed either according to Leah haha!

        • Haha! I know, you should’ve seen it! It’s been the talk of our letters for 5 months! Ah, I had no idea I missed so much though because you weren’t there. 😦 So sad.
          And, haha, I’m not going to the moon anytime soon. Haha, much as I would love to.

      • Haha yeah I bet If i went back and Read all the letters Leah has sent me there would be at least ONE mention of it in each one haha! And oh phew yay! Haha! =D

        • I went to a rehearsal for the President’s ball last night. ^_^ Kaitlyn and Jocelyn were there, you know em? They knew you and Leah! It was so cool! And we couldn’t find out where we’ve met before, but I knew who Kaitlyn was and they both look so familiar, but I don’t go to the Chef dances and they don’t come to the Suerman’s. Anyway, I found out that you actually dont have curly hair. ha!

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