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Scrivener tryout-fail

I'm confused...No wait, maybe I'm not.

I'm confused...No wait, maybe I'm not.

This really is just a big waste of your time, this post. There is nothing important here, but it might be kind of funny, maybe, depending on what kind of person you are. It’s very strange really what people will respond to! I got like thirty something comments on the Gabby video, but then Leah and Meghan were yacking away like they owned the place.

So anyway! I took a trial version of Scrivener and this is the story I came up with while exploring all the software and testing everything out. There’s actually quite a bit of cool stuff you can do, but I’ve decided not to buy it anyhow; I can do all of the things with a wordprocesser only in a round about way-except for the name generator; that thing is way awesome.  So click on the qwerty to read my new short story. (Gosh, maybe I should get it published.) So enjoy! (Oh and the story was much more colorful and the fonts were crazy cool until I compiled it into a doc.)


Electric Bubbles

8 thoughts on “Scrivener tryout-fail

  1. I still don’t understand how you can call Gabby the best cartoon ever. There is no lasting message behind it. It’s just… meaningless fluff. Anime like Death Note, Code Geass, and Haibane Renmei changed the way I think of justice and the value of human life.

    That’s something Gabby will never do for you.

    • I’d rather make work a “playsure”
      speaking of justice and human life, have you watched the “180” video? it’s gonna be the next post, it’s just not up yet. =P
      and how could Anime do that?

      • Hmm, that’s really interesting, and a good review too, I would say. Hmm, well I won’t argue with you. Really when I think of cartoons I have a hard time thinking about anything serious, but yeah, sure, that’s cool. Just watch the 180 movie when it pops up.
        And yeah, I do like in depth, under the surface meanings, but really you didn’t go much into detail, but hey, I believe you. And really, I don’t know how I could value human like more than I do now. Life is precious. And Gabby is one of the things that makes life precious, just saying…

  2. Hey, Ellie is there anyway you could email me your short story. I can’t seem to view it from your link on my computer. BTW. I LOVE YOU GIRLIE!!! =)

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