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Gabby! The Greatest Cartoon!

I love Gabby. Do you love Gabby? Yes, of course you do! Who doesn’t?! (BTW I’m not talking to you here Leah.) Will all of y’all tell Leah how silly she is not to love him? My favorite, favorite, Favorite cartoon, of ALL TIME, is Gabby’s Gulliver’s Travels. I’ve memorized his whole song. I’ve watched him as much as my family allows. (hee hee *snicker*) I’ve talked about him all day and all letter. WOO HOO! Go Gabby! So let’s hear it folks! Give it up for….. Ba da bum Baaa bum Baaaaaaaaaa–Gabby!


Beat that, Leah!


Electric Bubbles

33 thoughts on “Gabby! The Greatest Cartoon!

  1. Oh, You goose! Just look at your poll..heehee…and it basically tells you that you are already beat..50% of everyone who voted. Voted, “No, not at all.” hahaha……SO ummmm…..apologies are most welcome… 😉 JK….Well….Gabby is just to silly and crazy and wierd for me….But taking your personality in perspective…I can see some resemblences….LOL! *wink* *wink* LOL

    So, what is up with you and Haley carrying on extended conversations on my blog???? LOL! JK

    Oh, I love you Ellie….You are the greatest…even though you like that wierd little bunch of craziness. haha… ^_^

    • you are getting NO apology. And i can’t believe you people. what kind of friends are you? And just how many times DID you vote, Leah?

      i just saw Haley there and i had to say something. Now i know what she looks like. ^_^

      • Oh, You little babushka…….(HEEHEE) Accusing me of voting more than once…HAH.
        However, I am much to generous to be offended, by such malicious, maltreatment…of your dear friend…*Ahhhhhh* and besides…..I can take a lot from a lot of people, but I’m not taking NO Gabby from NObody…So hahahahahaha ha.!

        And my dera babushka…….YOU SO OWE ME AN APOLOGY! And shall I tell you the reason why????

        • oh i’m so sorry that you hate him, you miss out on so much with that grudge against the innocent fellow. really now, he would love you and you would love him if only you gave him a chance!

  2. Hee hee! Oh my Leah and Ellie you two are HILARIOUS hahahaha!!!!! Some people (Milly & Lorayne for instance) are like that….. you put them together and TA-DA!!! They’d make a super funny TV show hahahaha!!! 😉

    P.S. No Ellie LEAH hasn’t been voting more than once… I have been…. haha I voted twice on accident…. one for “not really” and one for “NO not at all!” hahahahaha!!!! (sorry) hee hee hee….

        • has she called herself “Duck Girl” before? You could’ve told me. And that doesn’t count as revenge, Leah, cause i was sure i knew the person, i was just racking my brains to find out who!

      • Hee hee HEE Yes I HAVE been learning from Leah… but not only Leah… YOU! hahahahaha!!! Why who has been commenting on their friends blogs changing their name every time???? hmm…. I wonder……
        But sometimes I am just in the mood to comment as “Duck Girl”…. and I have perfect right to call myself so as I have seven of the sweetest most cutets (but rather spoiled thanks to me haha) ducks in the whole wide world! 😀
        Anyway, great detective work finding me out! 😉
        And yes hahaha I AM “silly Meghan” hee hee…. I’ve heard that many a time from Leah haha! 🙂
        Anyway, tata for now! 😉

        *DUCK GIRL*

  3. Oh, You turkey…! I am not a jumpy person…..! Not at all.. 😉 You just have no idea what I was thinking….Well actually you do because I told you…Haha… 🙂 I still can’t believe that you did that to me..OH, You so owe me a super big apology…! 😉

      • What do you two mean ….. “What? What?” Why Leah, just the other day you and I were trying to think of all the gooses (and ganders for that matter) we knew, and we agreed that you were one, and you said the Ellie was one, so if that is what you are saying “what?” to then there you go, but if you are going “What?” to the fact that you two make me laugh then let me explain…… “no, takes to long, let me sum up….” (hee hee Leah I couldn’t resist :D) Well look at it this way: 20 years from now, if you just so happen to come back to one of the now famous Ellie’s old blogs and look at the comments on this page….. what will you do? WHY YOU’LL LAUGH!!!!!!!!!! 😀 And if you wouldn’t laugh, then that means you would have grown old!
        Come now be honest! You two ARE hilarious!!!!!!! 😀
        Hee hee!
        Loveth Meghan

        • you silly goose, i mean duck. haha! yeah, i can just see us all old and i’ll say something like, “Remember when i didn’t know who “Duck girl” was?” or “Remember when Meghan had to hide you at every dance to get away from a certain someone?” or “Remember when Jonathan begged you to dance?” hahahaha!

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