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First attempt at Poetry

Okay, so I don’t often do poetry. I’m not really that great, but I have wrote a few that I am proud of. At least enough to post them on here. So here is my first. I have what I think to be better ones, but I thought I should post the first first. It was a long time ago and it didn’t win me a spot in the library’s poetry contest so don’t expect much. (Never do, for that matter.)

A Tree is a Majestic thing

Gently swaying, gently moaning
Ever breathing, ever growing
Bending under wind and blowing
A tree is a majestic thing

From a seed into a sapling
First aware of what is happening
Meeting Sun, its life long friend
And hearing wind first sing

Leaves first growing on a bough
Swinging fiercely high and low
Leaves that fall replaced by snow
Four seasons every year

What it’s seen in those years I wonder
What it thinks and what it ponders
For without longing and without hunger
What has it got to fear?

Watching Robins raise their young
Hearing notes in morning sung
Hiding squirrels who up it run
What friends has it made?

What will it find? What has it found?
What will it hear? What kind of sound?
Soon to whither or be cut down,
And on the ground be laid
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-signed Electric Bubbles

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