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Prologue of first story

This is the prologue of the first novel i wrote, not too long ago. Note that it is still undergoing changes and is being passed from one brilliant friend to the next.

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“We just can’t stay here! We gotta do somethin’.” Burl said more harshly than he intended.
Cathleen shivered. “Where do we go?”
“Somewhere! Somewhere…” *Burl sighed. “warm and safe, somewhere miles away.” His eyes got a distant look as he tried to imagine such a place.
Cathleen watched people hurry along, eager to get out of the cold and next to a blazing fire. They could hurry. They had somewhere to go. Those people had homes. Those people possibly had a family like Cathleen had dreamed of. But she and her brother had nowhere better to go than the sidewalk where they stood, surrounded by large gray buildings. They had nowhere to go, nowhere to be wanted, and nowhere to get out of the wind. Cathleen shivered again. Burl noticed this time and he put a large arm around his sister. He was big for sixteen, but she looked small, frail, cold, and much younger than her thirteen years. He felt an instinct to protect her from the cold, from pain, from loneliness, even from despair.
“We will find a place warm and safe. Somewhere with work and a family. Somewhere we’ll be loved. Think,” he said slowly. “*A ma and pa, and a dog by the fire.” He had been telling her so for years, and each year it seemed more unlikely, but now it seemed impossible. Even Burl was beginning to doubt his own words.
She looked at him sadly. “We can’t find a family anymore; we ain’t in the orphanage. You’re too old, and I won’t stay there alone.” The thought terrified her so much that it brought her close to tears.
Burl put his other arm around her small shoulders. “I’m not leavin’ ya alone. And I ain’t takin’ a step iffen ya ain’t takin’ it with me. I’ll find a job, and we’ll make it. Fer tonight let’s just find a warm corner. We’ll cover up with Ma’s old afghan and have us a few of the biscuits. Tomorra’ I’ll look and see iffen anyone’s hirin’.” He took her face in his hands. “But don’t give everythin’ up yet,” he said in a gentle encouraging voice, “We may still find a place.”

Cathleen leaned against him seeking his warmth and comfort. What would she ever do without him? He was the only thing she could hold on to.
Burl held her tight. His dear sister, she was the most precious thing in the world to him. He couldn’t let her down.



-Electric Bubbles

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